many boats and yachts sailing thorugh the US virgin islands on a sunset

Sailing Itinerary in the United States Virgin Islands

Sailing in the US Virgin Islands is a dream and with our sailing itinerary and top tips, you can discover this destination and enjoy it to the most extent. Learn more about where to sail in the US Virgin Islands, expenses and the best island to visit.

Sailing Itinerary Recommendation in the US Virgin Islands

Our sailing itinerary starts at St. Thomas Marina where you can find the perfect boat rental in the United States Virgin Islands. From there, we recommend sailing west along the South-West Coast to reach the north of the island where you can visit actual paradise on earth at Magens Bay Beach. 

Magens Bay Beach coast in US virgin islands

If you’re planning on soaking up as much sun as possible, we recommend stopping over at Savana Island before sailing north to stretch out the beautiful pit stops. 

After having spent a few days exploring the north coast or perhaps you spent the whole time anchored at Magens Bay Beach (we wouldn’t blame you), it’s time to sea off and explore some of the smaller islets that the US Virgin Islands have to offer. Don’t forget that if you’re sailing the Virgin Islands on a catamaran, you are able to anchor in more shallow areas and spy on the aqua blue water at closer proximity.

As you venture towards the east, choose whether to hop over to St. John or not. If your itinerary is longer, sail on over and discover the Virgin Islands National Park. Alternatively, you can choose whether to do a full loop of the island or sail back the way you came. The route is longer if you follow the same way back but you avoid crossing other boats and ferry channels between the islands. 

How Costly Are the US Virgin Islands?

While many in the US presume that the US Virgin Islands have an average holiday price, when compared amongst many US holiday destinations, it can be a costly place to visit. One of the most expensive aspects can be the food, as most products are imported to the islands.

hotel in St. Thomas in the US virgin islands

That said, St. Thomas is known for more moderate prices, particularly in terms of accommodation. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay before or after your boat rental, be sure to have a browse from St. Thomas’ collection of hotels, villas and apartments. 

Which Is the Best US Virgin Island?

It’s difficult to list the best US Virgin Island without knowing what you’re looking for, as, while the islands are similar, they are popular for different reasons. 

For example St. Croix is well-known for delicious food, as well as a bit of history and culture. It is the biggest island but often receives fewer tourists due to the long distance between islands. Hereby, a boat rental is the ideal form of transport for exploring secluded parts of the coast.

a boat sailing though a bay of the US virgin islands with many houses along the coast

St. John is regarded as the safest of all of the US Virgin Islands. It also has lots of resources for those who like to travel closeby to services and facilities. 

If you’re interested in sailing near the US Virgin Islands, have a read about sailing in the British Virgin Islands too.


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