How to rent a boat in Miami

Want to rent a boat in Miami?

Since you’re reading this, I take it that you’re considering renting a boat in Miami? Am I right, or am I right? In this blog, I hope to help you to get “clued up” on how to rent a boat in Miami, the things you need and also general restrictions.

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This blog won’t serve as a “do’s and don’ts” of sailing in Miami, but more as a “this is what you need to anticipate” before attempting to sail in Miami.

Do I Need Boating Education?

According to the Florida Boat Course, there are a number of things that must be ensured before one is able to rent a boat in Florida. Below are general requirements concerning renting and operating a watercraft (boat):

  • You must be 18 and above to rent a personal watercraft (boat)
  • You must be at least 14 years old to operate a personal watercraft
  • If you hope to rent a motorized boat of more than 10 hp (horse power) and you were born after January 1st 1988, you need boating education.
  • Candidates of any age group can take this course.
  • You do not have to be from Florida to take this course.

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Any Exemptions..?

For those that think we’re simply trying to ruin all of your fun with these requirements, you’re in luck! There are a few exemptions.. ?

You are exempt from getting the license if…

  1. You are licensed as a “master of a vessel” by the US Coast Guard
  2. Only operating on a pond or private lake
  3. Accompanied by a person who meets the age requirement of 18+, whom also has the appropriate forms of identification at hand and also takes full responsibility for any violations
  4. You are accompanied by someone who was born before January 1st 1988

Penalty fine, rent a boat in miami

Please don’t get caught…

..Without your Boating Card and other important credentials. Florida patrol officers operate on the waterways to keep you safe and enable that you have a great experience. However, should you be found without the required credentials and even more importantly without your Boating Card, this can result in a fine.

Play it safe, carry your credentials..

..Or you could always get a Skipper

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A Skipper is someone that acts as a captain of the boat. They are qualified to operate boats and are oftentimes requested when the passengers are inexperienced or simply want to enjoy the sail without having to actually worry about the sailing part.

This is a great option for those that want to go on holiday to Miami and are worried about the requirements mentioned earlier in this post.

However, the Skipper doesn’t come free! Depending on the size, type and period of time on the boats, they usually charge a fee. This fee ranges between $120 – 150 for a half-day charter, whilst a day charter usually costs around $250.

So now that you’re all “Clued Up”…

..How about renting one of our boats during your time in Miami! We have boats of all shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate your every desire. Should you also like know how to choose the perfect boat, head over to my blog post.. “How to Choose the Perfect Boat”. This post should help you to explore your options concerning aesthetics and price!

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