Summer 2014- Our Numbers

Summer 2014- Our Numbers

The Numbers Have Spoken…

Summer has just arrived here in Europe! So now we need to evaluate how last summer went. 2014 was definitely high-time for us at Nautal, and we want to share how it went with you.

Brief Description of Our Numbers

The Balearic islands have crowned themselves as the favorite navigation destination of our summer customers, with 46% of our rentals based there. Of course, this definitely beats the runner up; Barcelona. 28% of our summer rentals were based in Barcelona.

In the words of our CEO at Nautal, Octavi Uyá; “Menorca and Mallorca are paradises to be discovered by the lovers of navigation. Their out of reach calas, and turquoise waters, make it them perfect destinations for customers to rent a sailing boat with Nautal”.

It is also important to highlight that the charter type that our customers rented the most, was the sailboat, followed by classic boats and catamarans. In line with this information, it is also safe to say that most of the rented boats for this summer were between 9 and 12 meters long.

Looking at our statistics, on average, the rentals from the last summer lasted between 1 day and 1 week. Meanwhile, 64% of the bookings were without a skipper, whereas 36% required one.

As anticipated, June, July and August were the months with the highest amount of boats rented, given that usually our customers have this period off to enjoy their vacations. Mondays and Tuesdays are the days of the week with the highest number of bookings made. Whilst Saturday is usually the day that is selected as the perfect day to begin a voyage.

The summer of 2014 was a very prolific season for the boat owners that work with Nautal, in which some profited greatly. Surely, this will encourage them to continue renting their boats through Nautal within the up-and-coming years.