Who are we?


Nautal is the largest marketplace for boat charter in Spain and one of the top boat rental platforms in Europe. We were founded in 2013 as an online platform for connecting charter companies and private boat owners with users who wish to rent a boat and sail at their own leisure with or without a captain. Clients from all over the world can select a boat, according to their wishes, from one of the largest fleet of boats available for rent – more than 19.000 boats worldwide – which includes everything from a boat or RIB, a sailboat or catamaran, to an exclusive 80 meter superyacht. Currently, Nautal operates in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Greece, the Netherlands, the U.S. and the Caribbean, providing boat charter services in more than 300 areas in 34 countries around the world.


What are the benefits?


We have already redeveloped our Incrediblue website, showing only our luxury VIP yachts whilst Nautal will remain an online platform for RIBS, motorboats, sailboats and catamarans. For the Incrediblue website, Nautal will launch new marketing strategies completely focused on the luxury sector. Furthermore, our sales team will be trained to deliver a VIP customer service.


For the boat owners there are countless perks. Your boats will receive greater exposure as they are listed in the Nautal marketplace. There will be an increase in traffic on a more international website. Your client base is wider and more international, furthering your chance of bookings. You will be supported by a sales team speaking 8 languages that is very responsive and focuses on an improved quality of service


Everyday we strive to be innovative and fresh, continuing to open new doors for our boat owners, whilst consistently providing excellent service.


Your profile


Our aim is to make the merging of Nautal and Incrediblue as smooth as possible. In this chapter we want to explain to you how easy it is to manage your account on Nautal.


What happens to my profile?


Your account, boats and previous reviews will all move to Nautal automatically. Meaning that you do not have to create an account or upload any information, it will all be in Nautal. The only thing you will have to do is create a new password. You can do this by clicking on “Have you lost your password?” after going to “Access” on the homepage.


When you login you will only have to confirm the Nautal conditions and your account is ready to go.


How are the payments managed?


As in Incrediblue, Nautal manages the first and second payments and the collection of extras. However, you can choose how you prefer the management of the payments. By default, it will be imported configured that Nautal manages the extras and second payment, but you can contact us if you prefer to collect the extras at check-in and/or manage the second payment.


The prices have been converted in the backoffice with the commission and VAT included. The price that appears on the boat’s listing is the final price for the client. It will be cheaper for the client but the same price for the owner. Nautal assumes the cost of the online payment (gateway fee of 3% in Incrediblue).


What back-office do I enter?


You will have to use the Nautal backoffice, also for the owners that remain in Incrediblue. If there are any doubts or questions regarding the backoffice, feel free to contact us and we will help you understand how it works. Everyone can enter the backoffice by going to the Nautal homepage and clicking on “Access” in the top right corner.


How do I communicate with Nautal?

As of now, everyone can be attended to in:

English: (+44) 2037 696 045 / +1 (305) 447 2910 or info@nautal.com

Greek: +30 2421 500100 or info@incrediblue.com

Spanish: (+34) 93 551 14 38 / (+34) 93 551 14 37 or info@nautal.es

French: 01 80 61 48 86 / 06 70 76 14 05 or info@nautal.fr

German: 030 318 768 01 / 0176 24 02 00 57 or info@nautal.de

Italian: (+39) 080 99 95 559 or info@nautal.it

Dutch: +31 20 369 0791 or info@nautal.nl


What does the booking process look like?


First the clients browse through our website and select a boat of their preference. You, the owner of the boat, will directly receive an email with the following 3 options (Appendix 1):

1. Send an offer

By clicking on “send an offer”, you can send an offer of the boat that is requested, but you can also send an offer of another boat in your fleet.


There is a big difference in the offer prices. You will have to put the final price in the offer, the client price. This includes the commission and VAT (Value-Added Tax).

Nautal differentiates the price of the boat, from which we take the commission, and the extras. At the final price you will have to put the price of the boat. Regarding the extras, you can select and add them at the bottom of the page (Appendix 2).


You can add a discount to the original price to persuade the client to book. If you apply a discount of 5% or more, Nautal will give an additional discount of 5%, taken from our commission.

2. Chat with the client

This feature is very useful in case your boat is not available for the requested date and you want to know if the client is available for another date or if you want to ask something to the client before sending an offer. If the boat is available, you can send an offer so that the client can pay for it, you can also send a chat letting the client know you are available to answer any questions they may have. You can also answer the client’s questions by putting a commentary in “conditions of the offer” (Appendix 3).


3. Discard

You can refuse this request in case you have no availabilities to offer the client. Below the two buttons you can find the link “Update your calendar”. If you click on this link the calendar will be blocked for this date. In this way you will no longer receive requests for the same date.




When a client makes the payment from an offer they have received, you will receive an automatic email to confirm the booking. There will no longer be paper booking confirmations to print, sign and send. You will now have a button to confirm the booking, which is easier and faster. Please make sure that the boat is available and that you want to confirm the booking. Once the booking is confirmed by you, the client receives an email presenting the email address and phone number of you, the owner. You will receive the contact details of the client by email as well.




After a booking is confirmed we make the payment to your bank account in the 5 following working days. As mentioned before, we manage the second payment and the extras unless informed otherwise.




As with Incrediblue, Nautal invoices the boat owner, the boat owner has to invoice the total price, including the VAT, to the client. You can download your invoices directly from Nautal’s back office one day after receiving the transfer.


Post sale


Nautal asks the customers for the billing information and the crew list. When the client fills it in, we send it directly to you. You as the owner will have to get in contact with the client to sign the contract and also arrange the check-in.




How can I easily update my calendars on Nautal?


You can download the App to more effectively manage your boats and calendars. In your backoffice you have the option to synchronise your calendars. This program works if you use Google Calendar, Apple iCloud, Outlook or Office 360 to update your bookings. In case you are using a third party bookings system, you can let us know and we can connect to your calendars. If you are not using a software tool to update your calendars, you can always access your boat listings through your backoffice and update your calendars manually.


What is the Top Sailors Club?


At Nautal we noticed that many of our boat owners give a lot of value into receiving good clients. The Top Sailors Club is an exclusive club of Nautal that rewards the good sailors with gifts and exclusive offers.


We work with a two way review system, the clients can rate the boats, ports and areas, but the boat owner is also able to write a review on the client. All the clients that have received an average mark of 8.5 or higher are automatically part of the Top Sailors Club. If you join the Top Sailors Club you will get a notification when you receive a client that is part of the club.


If you are a member of the club you will receive a greater exposure on the Nautal platform by receiving a higher position. Moreover, you receive clients that have received positive feedback from other boat owners, therefore reducing the risk of incidents. The clients are motivated to take extra care of your boats so they can reap the great benefits in the future. If you have an incident with a client member of the Top Sailors Club, Nautal will refund the commission.


If you choose to sign up for the Top Sailors Club and a client with an average mark of 8.5 or higher wants to rent your boat, you will then offer one of your extras for free. You can choose the extra you want to offer (outboard, final cleaning, transfer from the airport, groceries supplied on board, donut, wakeboard, etc.). If the client has previously rented one of your boats, you must offer them a 5% discount. In addition, Nautal will offer in both cases the choice between a cancellation insurance and deposit insurance.


You can sign up and read the conditions of the Top Sailors Club by logging into your backoffice and going to the tab “Top Sailors Club”. In case you want to receive more information about joining the club, don’t hesitate to contact us.


How do I better position my boat on Nautal?


Nautal has one of the biggest online charter fleets, but there is a way to stand out amongst the others. We have the rankings at Nautal based on a continuously updating algorithm. The parameters that decide your ranking in the Nautal search machine are as follows:


  • Whether you have a profile photo for your account
  • The number and quality of photos of your boat(s)
  • The average score achieved in previous rentals (review based)
  • The turnover we have realised based on the visits of your boat listing
  • The commission offered to Nautal
  • If the calendar is in real-time (through a direct synchronisation to your calendar or any other booking system linked to Nautal.
  • Whether you are a member of the Top Sailors Club.


I already had an account with Nautal and with Incrediblue


In case you had an account in Incrediblue as well as in Nautal, you can contact us to merge the two accounts into one.





Appendix 1: Request email


Appendix 2: Send an offer


Appendix 3: Chat with the client




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